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More updates - photos from July, 2000.

Marcovia updates (buildings)! Photos from Dr. Don's visit to Marcovia in July, 1999.
People at work
About town

Links to photos taken in March are near the bottom of this page.

Mayor Carleton Finkbeiner of Toledo, Ohio organized a "Hurricane Mitch Relief" expedition out of Toledo, Ohio.  Almost 50 residents and/or friends of Toledo traveled to Honduras in March of 1999.  Some worked in health care, providing medical examinations and treatment to hundreds of the poor of Honduras, people who can not afford to pay physicians or buy medicine.  Others worked with CARE in helping build a new village to house people flooded out by Hurricane Mitch.  There were also a few political people (very necessary!) and media representatives.

Pan-American Health Organization's library on what to do when disaster hits! 

This project was financed by contributions from businesses and individuals.  I am pleased to report that many other communities have sent relief teams.

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Mitch damage: Tegucigalpa; photos taken March 15, 1999.

More Mitch damage.

Bus trip to Marcovia: March 16, 1999.

Map of Marcovia area.

Building houses

The school

The beach

Around the camp

Floodplain walkabout

Cast of characters

Isla El Tigre: Active volcano?  March 21, 1999

Isla El Tigre: The Three Hour Tour

Valle de Ángeles

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Voces Latinas: Tony Ríos was one of several Toledo-area Hispanics on this expedition.  He produced videos showing parts of the Toledo project - nothing about Marcovia on his Web site (yet) but this is where you can find him.

On The Record writes on government and NGO responding to Mitch.

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