"Gracias a Dios" Elementary School

P2N09.jpg (61645 bytes)Thatch roof on poles provides scholars in grades 1-6 a place to attend classes.  The old school was obliterated by Hurricane Mitch floods.

P2N10.jpg (64884 bytes)Wooden benches and tables for furniture.  I'm not the first visitor this morning, it appears someone has been handing out dulces.


P2N11.jpg (44242 bytes)More students.


P2N12.jpg (49591 bytes)Still more students.


P2N14.jpg (57894 bytes)


P2N13.jpg (38287 bytes)La Profesora teaches 46 students in 6 grades.  Right now, she is checking notebooks and correcting spelling and handwriting.


P2N15.jpg (63918 bytes)THE NEW SCHOOL is almost completed!  It does seem a bit small.


P2N16.jpg (70333 bytes)Today, workers are installing bars and screens across the windows.  There is no glass - it never gets cold here.  The overhang provides shade and high walls allow air to circulate, providing some measure of natural cooling.

P2N17.jpg (65743 bytes)As workers maneuver a window into place, children on "recreo" check out progress on the 3-seat bathroom also under construction.  Boys, girls, and - for whom is the third seat intended?   I wonder if hand washing facilities will be available.

P2N18.jpg (42004 bytes)Students pose on soccer field during recreo.  After the camera leaves, there will be a game, although it is nearly noon and hot.  The old school is to the right center of the photograph and the new school is to the left.

P2N19.jpg (54384 bytes)Close-up of students on soccer field.




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