Photos takes March 15, 1999


Sr1n13.jpg (82584 bytes)Most of this bridge was under water.  Note the temporary hand railing along the lower (left) side of this image.  Under the central part of the bridge you can see reinforcing rod hanging loose.  Abrasion of flood waters and their load against this bridge destroyed some of the concrete that once contained this re-bar.  Only the near lane of this bridge is open.

Sr1n14.jpg (67088 bytes)Landslide north of Barrio El Chile.  We saw hundreds of similar slides!


Sr1n15.jpg (35678 bytes)Cinder block walls of multi-story houses destroyed across the street (west) from Parque La Concordia in Barrio Abajo.  Reinforcing rods point downstream, showing the direction of water flow.


Sr1n16.jpg (42218 bytes)West wall, Parque La Concordia.  Mute evidence to the powerful flow of the flood resulting from Hurricane Mitch. 


Sr1n17.jpg (157896 bytes)Remains of tree trunks and branches lie on cracking clay.  When the rainy season begins, this blockage of the annual floodplain may force excess discharge above normal levels.





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