Bus Trip: March 16, 1999

Click on a thumbnail image to see the photo enlarged.  I am scanning ALL of my photos (B-O-R-I-N-G) but please do not feel compelled to examine them all.

R2n02.jpg (36534 bytes)8 AM - checking out of (the not quite 5-star) Hotel Granada, lugging luggage to load the bus.



R2n03.jpg (25771 bytes)More of the same.



R2n04.jpg (31027 bytes)Pile the bags higher and deeper.



R2n05.jpg (27687 bytes)Watch out for this bus!R2n05a.jpg (12031 bytes)
Official-looking sign.


R2n06.jpg (27820 bytes)Toncontín International Airport


R2n07.jpg (38068 bytes)Mountains of Honduras: Trees used to cover many of these slopes.



R2n08.jpg (54036 bytes)Comedor.   Lunch is either rice and beans with an egg, or, beans and rice with an egg.



R2n09.jpg (78229 bytes)R2n10.jpg (49697 bytes)Road washed out by Mitch!  Hope they can repair these before the next rainy season begins about next month -


R2n11.jpg (18339 bytes)Agua potable - any volunteers to taste-test?  Pila on a hill north of Marcovia.



R2n12.jpg (48132 bytes)Cane field lies in ruin over 4 months after Mitch flooded this area, north of Marcovia.  Piles of decomposing vegetation smell like old wine barrels.


R2n13.jpg (45602 bytes)Restaurante El Tiburón, Cedeño. Toledo travelers are treated to fried fish (whole!) and sodas.



R2n14.jpg (55567 bytes)As shadows lengthen, our troop returns to the bus.  Destination, CAMP!



R2n15.jpg (43597 bytes)Evaporators for salt production?  It must be hot and dry around here this time of year.



R2n16.jpg (37912 bytes)Welcome to Camp CARE (Spanish pronunciation Căr - ā; accent on first syllable, long "a" for second syllable, sounds similar to the word "Carty" without the "t")! 
Daily activities are posted on the board next to the pool.


R2n17.jpg (35294 bytes)How nice - someone put up tents for us!


R2n18.jpg (37770 bytes)That slide scanner can do some weird things when one tries to recover an underexposed picture (sorry, Mark, your bald spot seems to have migrated).  CARE project chief Carolina shows several travelers around the site.


R2n19.jpg (55078 bytes)No bellhop?  Back the bus right up to your room to unload.


R2n20.jpg (43345 bytes)Doctors set up medical facility.


R2n21.jpg (51205 bytes)Unloading medical supplies.


R2n22.jpg (44857 bytes)The Doctor is IN.  Rumors had circulated that we would be here by 1 PM and some people traveled for miles for a medical consult.  Doctors work until dark and then continue for another hour with the aid of headlights.  There is no electricity on site.


R2n23.jpg (20808 bytes)As the sun sinks slowly into the west -


R2n24.jpg (24703 bytes)It gets dark quickly once the sun goes down.  Twilight is shorter in Honduras than back home in Toledo.  Have you ever wondered why?  Do you know why?


Sunset of the first day: are we having fun yet?

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