P1N05.jpg (75152 bytes)Imperial time?  This Imperial's for you? It's cold and it costs 50¢.  Most construction workers appear unable to lift a cold one after a long, hot day (perhaps that video camera isn't as heavy as it seems).  No doubt their strength will return presently.

P1N17.jpg (38462 bytes)Port Royal taste good, too!


P1N06.jpg (54904 bytes)Almost as popular as cold refreshments is the warm water of the Gulf of Fonseca.  We'll still have to shower out of a bag back in camp, but at least this immersion helps wash off accumulated sun screen and dust.  Warm water awaits salt-encrusted bathers back in camp.  The "shower" facilities at this resort do leave something to be desired.  Through the haze, the Consigüina Volcano (in Nicaragua) is almost visible.

P1N18.jpg (42465 bytes)A rising tide washes away boats left too near the water.  Birds overhead wait for fishermen to toss more fish parts into the surf.


P1N07.jpg (68989 bytes)High tide brings water under the restaurant!  I wonder why none of the restaurants on the banks of the Maumee River have not thought of this sort of attraction.


P1N08.jpg (33497 bytes)Cedeño sunset.  Fish hang out to dry above a fishing boat.  We saw fishermen unloading (among other things) shrimp and sharks (hammerheads - small ones) caught in the Gulf of Fonseca.  Twilight is short, it will be dark by the time the bus arrives back in camp.

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