Isla "El Tigre"
Sunday - March 21, 1999

P1N19.jpg (56037 bytes)$29 for a round trip charter.  No life jackets or safety instructions.  Loading up on Isla Zacate Grande, an extinct volcano joined to the mainland by a road through the mangroves.

Who is The Skipper?



P1N21.jpg (40434 bytes)Zacate Grande recedes into the distance.


P1N22.jpg (65419 bytes)Port of Amapala. We stop to refuel (gasoline from a jug).  Dark rocks on dock show water level at high tide.  Click here for view of map.


P1N23.jpg (101069 bytes)Mitch appears to have triggered a mudflow from the slopes of the dormant volcano.  Bird experts John and Tim assure tourists that the white material on the rocks and trees of Isla El Pacar (left of photo) is neither ice nor snow.  At low tide, a narrow strip of sand connects this small island to El Tigre.

P1N24.jpg (58682 bytes)"You all rode out to an island in that?  You are braver than I thought"  Passengers disembark at Playa Grande from The Minnow.  Shelagh is aided by the captain and Roy.  Isla El Pacar is visible, center right of photograph.

P2N01.jpg (68751 bytes)Playa Grande beach at low tide (note bare rocks exposed above water line).   Charter captain loads passengers for Zacate Grande, promising to return in 2 hours (he has not yet been paid).  Water does not appear particularly inviting.  Some of the locals are swimming, but tourists find beachfront tables in the shade.

P2N02.jpg (82832 bytes)Come to think of it, there are no signs prohibiting animals on the beach.


P2N05.jpg (89333 bytes)Rising tide and wind combine to prevent charter boat from rounding Isla Picar.   Pick-up trucks provide overland transportation for tourists to the Port of Amapala, where our cruise ship is waiting.  No, this is not the truck we rode.   Apparently open pick-up beds are a common means of transportation at this tropical paradise.

P2N06.jpg (57102 bytes)Corn field on Zacate Grande with a view of the mangroves and shrimp farms.


P2N07.jpg (57849 bytes)Mangroves up close.  When we drove through this area 4 hours earlier, the water was 2 meters lower and lots of mud was exposed.


P2N08.jpg (26027 bytes)Mitch took out the road from Zacate Grande to San Lorenzo and the Panamerican Highway.  This area is where the deltas of the Río Choluteca and Río Grande have built up a nearly level plain of sediments into the Golf of Fonseca.

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