Ash1a.jpg (89193 bytes)Quarry behind beachfront restaurant, south end of Playa Grande.  Shovel handle for scale.



Ash2a.jpg (63991 bytes) Close-up of ash layers.  Contact Don Stierman for what details are available.



Ash3a.jpg (58990 bytes)Close-up, south end of exposure.






Ash4a.jpg (84815 bytes)Dr. D. hefts a volcanic bomb.  The Doc is 6'1" tall (1.85 meter) for scale (we will not discuss waist measurements at this time).




Bomb1a.jpg (21595 bytes)Close-up of volcanic bomb.  Larger rocks were observed in the 2-m thick layer of cross-bedded ash and bombs.





Ash4a.jpg (84815 bytes)Cross-bedding indicates base surge, according to Dr. Bruce Simonson (Oberlin College).  A simple geophysicist might recognize cross-bedding (it was more obvious than this photograph indicates in the 2-meter thick upper unit, which consists of bombs and ash) but not be aware of its significance in this depositional environment.

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