Rouges' Gallery

P3N09.jpg (39908 bytes)Employees of the City of Toledo pose with art work.


P3N10.jpg (53149 bytes)Everyone (almost) getting in on the act.


P3N11.jpg (41020 bytes)Hondurans are convinced that these gringos have been out in the sun too long. 


P3N12.jpg (38184 bytes)The Official Camp CARE Group Photograph
White shirts and shaded faces.


P3N13.jpg (101181 bytes)Digital camera operated by a "cubeta" specialist.



P3N14.jpg (39805 bytes)The Author and the Artist.


P3N17.jpg (40663 bytes)Timothy S. Whalen.  Ted and Dave are in the background.


P3N18.jpg (29306 bytes)John F. Jaeger



P3N19.jpg (39631 bytes)Roy Sepulveda.



P4N02.jpg (38875 bytes)Gary models a signature shirt, a recuerdo for Carolina, CARE's project manager.





P4N03.jpg (68509 bytes)Our last morning in camp.  John waits for the festivities to begin.


P4N05.jpg (49668 bytes)A line forms as UAW members distribute surplus food.  Gary and a social worker organize children for some games.


P4N06.jpg (54809 bytes)Gary is the tall one dancing the "Hoky-Poky"


P4N08.jpg (67031 bytes)Shelagh has lots of friends!



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