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Golfo Dulce

Cave of the Glowing Skulls                                       Talgua Village archaeological site


Mesoamerican Archaeology Web links                              Map showing location of Ciudad Blanca

Honduras Geology                                                             Miguel Romero: Honduran Artist

Tegucigalpa before Mitch                                                      Eco-Travels in Latin America

USGS Scientists study effects of Mitch                       Photo tour of La Mosquitia (rain forest)

Dr. Don Stierman has a collection (far from comprehensive) of maps, Honduras (pre-Mitch) and Costa Rica.  Send e-mail for further information.                      


Photos (etc.) of Toledo's Marcovia expedition, 3/99.              On The Record's series on Hurricane Mitch

Notes for Toledo's "Mitch" rebuilding team.                       Is Isla del Tigre a hazardous volcano?

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